Equatorial currents are driven by the

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oceanography chapter 7. STUDY. PLAY. ocean currents. masses of ocean water that flow from one place to another. surface currents. winddriven currents that move water horizontally and occur primarily in the ocean's surface waters. deep currents. equatorial currents.How can the answer be improved? equatorial currents are driven by the

Study Guide Oceanography: Chapter 8 Ocean Circulation Know your currents (names, cold or warm) Equatorial currents are driven by the trade winds. Surface ocean circulation is driven primarily by wind and modified by the Coriolis Effect and land.

Wind Driven Surface Currents: Equatorial Currents Background. Counter Currents flow along the surface whereas Under Currents flow at greater depths below the surface. The trade winds of the two hemispheres converge in a narrow eastwest zone located near the equator known as the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). The experiment studies the North Equatorial Current, a westward flowing body of water east of the Philippines, which divides the Philippine current into the Kuroshio Current (northward) and the Mindanao Current (southward). In the Pacific, warm waters along the South American coast are transported westward by the South Equatorial Current.equatorial currents are driven by the Equatorial current. The Atlantic South Equatorial Current is pushed westward by the Southeast Trade Winds (latitude 020 S). Approaching Cape St. Roque, Brazil, it divides. One stream goes north as the Guiana Current, which in turn feeds the Caribbean Current, the

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Equatorial currents are driven by the free

(b) Two circumpolar currents dominate it, one current that moves water to the east and one current that moves water to the west. (c) It is dominated by water flow directly away from the polar region toward the north. (d) The surface ocean has no strong currents. (e) The polar easterlies drive the circulation of water around the Antarctic continent. equatorial currents are driven by the South Equatorial Current. On the equator, the South Equatorial Current is driven directly by the trade winds which blow from east to west. In the Indian Ocean, the westwardflowing South Equatorial Current is welldeveloped only south of the equator. Directly on the equator, the winds reverse twice a year due to the monsoons, Any of several ocean currents, flowing westward, driven by the southeast trade winds blowing over the tropical oceans of the Southern Hemisphere and extending slightly north of the equator. Also known as Equatorial Current. a warm surface current that flows east to The equatorial currents are driven primarily by the easterly trade winds and are separated by a narrower countercurrent flowing eastward along the equator itself. Equatorial currents are relatively shallow, involving the epipelagic zone and part of the mesopelagic zone to